World Generator 1.00 (Addon for Blender 3.5, 3.6)

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Bring your scenes to a next level with
World Generator 1.00

You need to fill the backgrounds of your scenes with a Landscapes ?

World Generators offered you 4 types of full procedural Landscapes to bring your 3D environments to life. From arid deserts to snow-capped peaks, Canyon or Island all at the click of a button.

Intuitive Workflow :

Select the landscape that brings your scene to life,

Adjust the geometry settings according to your inspiration,

Explore the materials of each landscape,

Render your Scene…

Geometry node System :

World Generator leverages the power of Geometry Nodes, providing you with the incredible capability to make real-time modifications to your landscapes.

Do you need a large landscape or a small one

Stay realistic or build your own world

Explore all options and possibilities… they’re boundless !

Use Camera culling, distance culling or backface culling to improve viewport performance

Procedural Textures :

Each landscape comes with its own material, integrated using a system of masks and procedural textures. You will have access to a range of procedural shaders, including rock, grass, snow, and many others, already configured for landscapes and adaptable for your own scenes.

Clear and organized Materials

Different mask types

Try the addon for free for a limited time, share your feedback, or contribute to enhancing World Generator with the paid version to gain full access to the addon and all future improvements.

Update :

Two versions are available for download :

V 1.01 : The addon is compatible with Blender 4.00 and above.

V 1.00 : The addon is compatible with Blender 3.6 and below.


Some Limitations :

  • !! This addon is not yet compatible with Blender 4.0 and above !!
  • World Gen is optimized for Blender 3.5 and 3.6 ; certain options may not be available in earlier versions.
  • Geometry nodes and procedural textures can be very resource-intensive. It is advisable to modify the landscape geometry in "Solid View" and then work on the textures in "Render View. »
  • Due to complex procedural textures, World Generator is not optimized to work with 'Eevee'. This will depend on the performance of your computer

What’s Next :

Depending on the feedback you provide me, I already have numerous ideas I would like to integrate into the addon. For instance, what do you think about adding an erosion simulation? Or perhaps introducing new types of landscapes tailored to your specific needs. Consider the addition of a mask system to blend various landscape types.

Imagine the possibility of procedurally adding cities, forests, roads, rivers, and much more. Ideas for enhancing World Generators abound, so feel free to share the addon, and most importantly, share your constructive feedback. Your comments are crucial for guiding the continuous development and improvement of the product


Is World Generator 1.00 compatible with the latest Blender version?

World Generator 1.00 is not yet compatible with Blender 4.0 and above. However, we are actively working on making it compatible with the latest Blender version, and updates will be released to address this compatibility soon.

Is World Generator 1.00 compatible with Eevee ?

Eevee currently evaluates all nodes within a shader every time a frame is updated in the 3D Viewport. Given the intricacies of World Generator's shaders, this can result in some performance slowdowns in Eevee, especially when navigating through the 3D Viewport.

One solution for using World Generator with Eevee could involve the following steps:

1/Set the render engine to Cycles.

2/Adjust the material, apply the modifier, and unwrap the UVs.

3/Bake the textures and replace the procedural shader with the baked material.

4/Switch back to Eevee.

These steps can help optimize the performance and compatibility when using World Generator with Eevee.

I want this!

The "World Generators 1.00" addon, along with access to all future updates and the documentation required for installing and using the addon.


World Generator 1.00 (Addon for Blender 3.5, 3.6)

0 ratings
I want this!